A Safari Guides's Day

Welcome to our blog about a day in the life of a safari tour guide. Being a safari tour guide is one of the most exciting and rewarding jobs in the world. Every day brings new adventures, challenges, and opportunities to connect with nature and wildlife. In this blog, we'll take you through a typical day in the life of a safari tour guide in Tanzania.


5:00 am - Wake up and prepare for the day

The day typically starts early for a safari tour guide. They wake up before dawn to prepare for the day ahead. This includes getting their safari vehicle ready, checking equipment, and packing food and drinks for the day.


6:00 am - Meet the guests and begin the safari

After preparing for the day, the tour guide meets the guests at their accommodation. They introduce themselves, brief the guests on the day's itinerary, and provide them with some basic information about the wildlife they'll be seeing.


6:30 am - Morning game drive

The first game drive of the day typically starts at dawn when the animals are most active. The tour guide takes the guests through the park, pointing out various animals and providing information about their behavior and habitat. They also answer any questions the guests may have and ensure they have a memorable and educational experience.


9:00 am - Breakfast break

After a few hours of game driving, the tour guide takes the guests to a scenic spot in the park for breakfast. They set up a picnic area and serve breakfast while the guests enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


10:00 am - Continue the safari

After breakfast, the tour guide takes the guests on another game drive, exploring different areas of the park and looking for new wildlife sightings. The tour guide keeps a close eye on the time to ensure they return to the accommodation before sunset.


12:30 pm - Lunch break

Around midday, the tour guide finds a suitable spot for lunch. They set up a picnic area and serve lunch while the guests rest and relax.


2:00 pm - Afternoon game drive

After lunch, the tour guide takes the guests on another game drive, continuing the search for wildlife sightings. They may also stop at some of the park's landmarks or points of interest, such as a waterhole or a lookout point.


5:30 pm - Return to accommodation

As the sun begins to set, the tour guide makes their way back to the guests' accommodation. They ensure that the guests have had a wonderful and safe day on safari, answer any final questions, and bid them farewell.


6:00 pm - Post-safari duties

After the guests have departed, the tour guide completes some post-safari duties. This includes cleaning and maintaining the safari vehicle, preparing for the next day's safari, and updating any necessary paperwork.


7:30 pm - Dinner and rest

After a long and exciting day on safari, the tour guide enjoys a well-deserved dinner and some rest. They reflect on the day's events and look forward to the adventures that tomorrow will bring.


In conclusion, being a safari tour guide is an incredibly rewarding job that requires dedication, knowledge, and passion. Every day is different, and every day brings new experiences and opportunities. If you're considering a career in safari guiding, be prepared for a life of adventure and discovery!